Most employees, especially managers and executives, spend most of their workday in meetings. The meeting room is where lots of ideas and brainstorming are done and it would be nice if its design promotes better mood and thinking. Traditional meeting rooms usually feel intimidating especially for the presenters. Transform it into a modern, stylish meeting room by following these simple ideas.

Identify Your Needs

Before anything else, identify first the needs of your team. Do you need a full-sized boardroom or smaller meeting rooms will do? If your team usually works in smaller groups then a small to medium-sized meeting room is best for closer interaction between members. If you’re using it for presentations with more participants, having a boardroom would be great. Some companies love placing meeting rooms further for more privacy and silence but some want it to be more accessible to their employees.

By knowing what your company’s need, you’ll have an idea about what meeting room you need to build to cater to these specifications.


The function of your meeting room determines the necessary furniture you need to have. Chairs that can swivel are perfect to install if the room is meant for presentations where people occasionally have to move their chair to face a screen. However, if you conduct activities where people need to move around, opt for more free seating types. You can even look for high-quality boardroom chairs Melbourne.Tables depend greatly on their usage. Long narrow tables are great for boardrooms while wider spacious ones are perfect for training or workshop rooms. There are still a lot more office furniture to consider such as whiteboards, storage cabinets, and many more.


Technology is already an essential part of our daily lives. Equipping your meeting room with accessible power outlets and charging stations would be greatly appreciated. In this digital age, it would be efficient to include screens or displays and communication devices in your selection.


It would be great to have an adjustable lightness that you can dim during presentations and brighten on essential moments. You can also add blinds to control the amount of natural light that enters the room.


Maintaining the quality of sound as it travels from the source to the audience is one of the factors to consider in meeting room design. Pick a good acoustic design that suits the size and location of the room.

Other Essentials

After complete consideration of the mentioned factors, you can still add a few tweaks to improve your meeting room. Some companies use booking programs to make this task smoother and have lesser conflicts. You may also add a refreshment stand if you want the participants to grab their own drink during free time. You can also add a toilet so people don’t need to waste time going to the main toilet.

Once you already established these essentials, the next thing you have to do is be creative. Modern meeting rooms can already be designed in so many stylish yet functional ways that you can ever imagine.