Gifting isn’t always about birthdays or season’s greetings. Although they’re important, there’s so much more to gifting than just that. Gifting your loved ones gives you a sense of excitement and happiness just as much as the receiver. It is a thoughtful process that allows you to put a smile on their face and make their day.

There are so many various occasions that call for gift hunting, be it them reaching a milestone or just because. In this day and age where most of the communication happens through technology and with lockdown in effect, seeking out the traditional way of sending out gifts could go a long way. Keep reading to find out a few various occasions that gives you the perfect excuse for gifting,


Although it may not be compulsory, gifting your loved ones on their engagement is a considerably sweet gesture that allows you to share your love and happiness and be a part of their special moment as a couple. Engagements doesn’t necessarily call for big or extravagant gifts, just something considerate and congratulatory like candles, wall frames, etc.

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Be it your teachers, employees or simply anyone who has been there for you and helped you through things, it’s never too late to show them a bit of appreciation. It could even be your parents, partner or siblings. An appreciation gift can go a long way in showing gratefulness for their time and effort.

New home

Shifting houses, especially to their very first own house could be one of the greatest milestones in your loved one’s life! Sharing their joy and heartfelt happiness with little housewarming gifts like decors, cutleries or even thoughtful hampers can be a long-term reminder of such a special moment. If you want the perfect gift hampers Australia has great choices!


Whether you choose to gift something as simple as bouquet or more, it’s important to praise and encourage the graduates for all their hard work and effort it took to reach this point. It’s a moment in their life where they’re ready to take the next step for their future and deserve all the love they can get. What better way to express your pride in them than a perfect gift.


Marriage is as challenging a journey as it is romantic and therefore deserves to be celebrated every step of the way, especially big moments like these where one remembers the start of all the good times and the love that brought them to where they are now. Be it gifting your partner on your own anniversary or wishing your loved ones on theirs, anniversary is every excuse to give a gift. 

Thinking of you

Not all gifting occasions need a celebratory reason. Simply thinking of someone is plentiful to shower them with a little gift. This not only lets them know that you’re thinking of them but also allows you to share your love across and feel connected.

Some of the other reasons to gift include, new jobs, promotions, moving away, etc. Happy gifting!