Moving homes, whether it’s around the corner or interstate, doesn’t have to be a boring or stressful ordeal for children – and it also doesn’t have to be an inconvenience for you. While making sure that you have all of the tedious details organized is important, like picking out packing materials and choosing from removalist companies, it’s also just as important to work out what you’re going to do with your kids during the move.

A lot of people will opt for babysitting during a stressful move, but there are ways that you can include your children in the moving process to help make the experience fun and exciting for them, without frustrating you in the meantime. Here are some tips to help you master moving with children.

1: Involve Them

Children really love to be a part of what’s going on, and it’s no different when it comes to a move. This doesn’t mean you should go ahead and cancel your booking with removalist companies and let the kids carry the dining table, but you can make them feel important by letting them help you out with the packing up of smaller items, or by allowing them to colour code packed boxes with labels and stickers. If you’re a control freak, you can always assign them “jobs” so that they feel busy without interrupting the flow of things. Children will feel excited about completing tasks even if they’re small, and it’ll give you time to get things done without any interruptions.

2: Get Creative

Moving doesn’t need to be a bore or a chore for anyone. You can make things a little more exciting for the kids by introducing something creative. Something as simple as giving them a Polaroid camera to snap some memories, a coloring book for them to complete in the corner, or some arts and crafts to complete throughout the day is a great way to keep them occupied. When you provide your children with something fun to do, they’re less likely to get in the way while you take care of all the complex tasks that need your time. If your move requires you to de-clutter and dispose of old items, you could involve your child by setting up a stall to sell their old toys, or by bringing them along with you to pay a visit to your local op shop.

3: Family Time

Children are often entertained by very small things. Letting them watch the workers of removalist companies do their thing might be all they need to feel excited and stay occupied throughout a stressful moving day. However, you should ensure that your children won’t be in any danger when professionals are carrying heavy objects around. Simply let them sit at a window and watch the move so they can still feel included. The best thing about booking in for expert removalist companies to take care of the big jobs means that you’ll have time to sit back and relax with your family, knowing that everything is being successfully and safely taken care of.