During winter season, our heating system works overtime to keep us warm and during the summer months, it’s our AC system. Having both of these systems constantly on will surely racked our energy and power bill.

To make sure that your utility bill will not be costly because of your AC, there are several ways you could do to make sure that it is energy efficient, even if you have it on most of the time. No need to suffer because of the heat because you keep on thinking how much you have to pay for your electric bill at the end of the month.

To make sure that your AC system is at its top form, you could do the following:

Keep it in auto

Your AC system would have an auto feature, meaning it will turn off for a few seconds or a minute when the room is already cool and reached the temperature that you set it into. When it is in this feature, you are saving on energy because there are times when the AC is off. Once the sensor senses that the room is getting hotter, it will turn the system on once again.

Keep it clean

Similar to any other equipment or home appliances, your AC would not function well if it is dirty. You have to be careful though when you are cleaning your AC since you would not want to cause any damage to the parts. There are video tutorials or how to instructions to clean it but if you are not confident, it would be better to hire professionals to deep clean it for you. Professional air conditioning eastern suburbs Sydney based contractors would be more than willing to clean, check-up and properly maintain your AC system.

barber's lamp beside air condenser
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Keep it unrestricted

When you feel like your room or your home is still hot even if the AC system is on, check if there is anything blocking the vent. Blinds, curtains, furniture, or any other blockage might be keeping the cool air from being distributed and released. Making sure that the vent is also thoroughly and regularly dusted will ensure that your AC system will be able to do its purpose of keeping you cool during warm weather. When your vents are also free from dust, you would be free from allergens especially if you or a family member is sensitive.

Keep heating appliances away from the thermostat

If you have lamps or you use your hair drying blower near your AC’s thermostat, it will feel that the temperature inside your room or your house is warm and would therefore not turn off even if you have it in auto mode. Keeping your curtains and blinds closed would also keep the sun from entering your home and would not make your home warm.

These are just some of the things you could do to make sure that your utility bill would not be beyond your monthly budget even if your AC system is always up and running.