Roller blinds are elegant, practical and subtle. These blinds are perfect for all types of windows and the good news is that they are great for all budgets. There are five types these blinds and these are a blackout, translucent, transparent, screen and double roller shades. Blackout roller shades are great for bedrooms, home cinemas and rooms that require minimum lighting. Translucent roller shades are great for living rooms and these reduce light, glare and heat making them good at providing protecting furnishings from the harmful UV rays. Transparent roller shades are ideal for living areas as well. Unlike translucent blinds, these offer a limited view making them ideal for those who do not require much privacy. They also reduce light and heat. Screen roller shades also known as sheer blinds do not offer much privacy but they do reduce heat and control glare while giving you a view of the outside. Lastly, on types, we have double roller which is giving you the ability to control privacy levels. This type of blind has a total blackout effect and it can also allow you to let the light in making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms as well.

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There is various type of fabrics used with these blinds. You can easily find sunscreen fabrics and transparent fabrics as well. Not all transparent fabrics have a sunscreen effect and you need to be precise with your retailer with what you really want.The mechanics also differ and there are different ways to operate your roller blinds. You can go for the Rollease system which is an American design. This mechanism expands and contracts with the use of a spring pin. The popular system in Australia is the Acmeda system. This system is engineered to handle awkward corners and wide spans. This makes it great for your unconventional windows. The Couplings system is also very popular and it is great for different types of blinds. It operates using a tubular motor drive or chain clutch drive. Double-blind systems are used on double roller shades. If you do not wish to use any of these mechanical systems, you can go for blinds that have the automatic system. With the automatic system, you can operate your roller blind using a remote control.


When selecting roller blinds online, you need to consider the type of room that will be graced by the blind. If you are buying a roller blind for your bedroom, you are in luck because there are no limitations in terms of type. There are various types available and the blackout or double roller blind is a favourite for many. Each style has its own edge and you must look at what complements your decor the most.


Caring for your roller blind is not difficult. There is the simple instruction that you need to follow. Ensure that the blinds are securely fitted to avoid unnecessary movements and avoid placing the blinds near heat sources. Dust the blind regularly and ensure that you clean it in accordance with the material used to make the blind.