A new home for your loved ones is indeed a big reason to celebrate and the most thoughtful way to celebrate this occasion than a housewarming gift. Be it your friend owning a new apartment or your cousin purchasing a new house, everyone would appreciate a gift that makes it a sentimental moment to let them know you’re thinking of them. So, if you’re searching around for housewarming gift ideas, here are five of our best picks. 

A fancy candle 

A fancy candle with a good scent makes anyone feel warm and at home. But if you want to bring these vibes through a gift, go for a fancy-looking candle that comes with pretty packaging. In terms of scent, if the house owners are fond of a specific scent, go for that or else look for a rich but subtle scent. 

While gifting, add a lighter or a book of matches along with the candle, these things can be missing amidst the chaos of moving into a new house. 

Flowers in a pretty vase

No matter how welcoming natural flowers are, artificial flowers in a pretty vase can brighten up a new house. This can be an ideal gift to replace when the natural flowers decorated or gifted for a housewarming ceremony has called it a day. Having flowers, can reduce stress related to organizing a new house and even make a space look wholesome or put-together that otherwise will be looking empty. 

A plant

If the new house has a dedicated garden or space for plants, gifting them with one of their favourite plants is a good idea. But remember that a plant calls for more maintenance and responsibility. So, if you feel the plant will lack due care, gift a plant the needs very less maintenance but looks equally elegant like a succulent or a snake plant.

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Cozy things for the hall or the room 

We all love a cosy space in our house we can always end a long day in. Help the new house create its cosy space by gifting cosy things they can add up in their hall or the room. 

large bean bag that is extra squishy, a super soft throw blanket, quilted cushions, a macramé swing, or an essential oil diffuser are some amazing housewarming gifts ideas you can consider. 

A welcome mat

A new home indeed calls for a new welcome mat, perhaps one that matches or goes well with the interior or the vibes around your new house. You can gift a simple and classic mat or get a personalized one. For personalized mats, consider adding the initials of the owner or a fun or positive saying that makes visitors happy while entering the house. This gift idea is probably one of those things that the new house owners will be planning to buy anyway and with you gifting it early, it can be more thoughtful as well. 

Whatever the option you choose, make sure it fits the new house in terms of the space availability and facilities. For example, a plant can be an ideal gift for a house that has a garden or a balcony. Besides, make sure that your pick suits the interest of the owner of the house as well, or else it’ll be of no use.