If you are a mom then you will know the amount of work, time and effort you put in to taking care of your children and now imagine having to do all that and to have a successful career. Seems scary or rather impossible right? Well, let me tell you that there are many women around the world who have mastered both worlds and are getting on with their life quite happily. They manage their work life and career quite well but don’t neglect their family and children. This type of balance is achieved by careful planning and the ability to have certain self-rules that you as a mother must oblige to. Some women consider being a mom a full-time job and that is true but others find this as one part of their life and make sure to incorporate things that make them happy as a person, this is the healthier way to approach motherhood rather than giving up everything you have worked hard for throughout your life and having to live with this great unsatisfied feeling. Read on through to learn a few ways on balancing both your lives

Consider A Work From Home Option

This is something that would make everything much easier for you. Once you are expecting a baby, talk to your employer and discuss the possibility of working from home. If you are the owner of your own company well, then you can choose this option. Working from home has many advantages over having to go to the workplace. You are at all times in the same place as your baby and taking care of our children becomes quite easy, all the while you can also assign time to get your work tasks finished at your own comfort and convenience. If your child is a newborn or a toddler, you can put them down for a nap and maybe use Motorola baby monitors to keep track of them. While they are sound asleep you can get your work done. This way you are in control of both worlds and neither is neglected.

Allocate Your Time And Stick To Your Timetable

This is very important when trying to balance both your working world and your family world. When you are expecting a baby and have decided that you do not want to give up your career, then it is time to start planning. You must be very specific in allocating time for everything otherwise nothing will get done properly. Make up a timetable and include everything even include calling your mom in the time table, have time allocated for when you will check up on work calls or when you are going to take your baby for any check-ups. Allocating time for every task in your life will allow you to realize how much of free time you will have and help you maintain a  healthy work life and family life balance.

Partner Up!

Don’t forget that in all this hustle that you actually have a partner to share all this with. Remember that you don’t have to take on the whole load by yourself and sharing it with your partner can make your life much easier and it will bring the two of you closer together. Talk to your partner; sit down and openly communicate about the way you feel and your needs. Be upfront in letting him know that when the baby arrives that you will like to go back to work. Make up a plan between the two of you and work through it together.